I wrote 4 pages today and am up to where I lost my work in Caddy-Did. It isn’t as long as it was, but after revision I hope that it will be. I’m going to just keep moving forward in the story–worry about rewrites when it’s finished. I made a pact with myself to finish this book my the end of the month and I plan to do that. I have the last 4 chapters mapped out. So all I have to do is write them. Love scene in the next chapter. The afterglow in the next. The black moment after that. Then tying up all loose ends. Yeah!

On a personal note: I have some really fantastic friends on-line–ones that truly care about me. I wanted to give a personal shoot-out to Olga, who has to be the nicest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. What a wonderful soul she has.  Hugs to you dear friend!

I found this yesterday and I was so tickled. Fire & Ice at Borders. Take a look. If you have a notion, reserve a copy.


Anyway, have a fantastic evening.