How do you make each and every one unique? That’s the question I’m pondering right now. I’m about to write one and I want it to be different than any I’ve done before. Kent & Cadence are characters with quirks and I need to apply them to the love scene. Kent has an aversion to brainy blondes–which Cadence is. How do I work that into the scene to make it unique, and humorous? Any suggestions? Cadence thinks Kent is a player..okay, so he is, but once they make love he’s going to be blown away and feel differently. I have a lot to work into this scene, yet I have to make it hot, hot, hot. I hope I’m up to the task.

On the home front, it’s been pretty quiet. Nice for a change. I think that is what I need. Lots and lots of quiet. Oh, I started walking again, and my gosh how my mood has changed. I’m running on a endorphin high that helps lift my otherwise depressed state. I’m writing, which also helps. I have about 35 pages to finish Caddy-Did..yeah!

American Idol is on tomorrow night. My favorites are, Chris & Blake. I about fell over last week when Chris was in the bottom two. What? Unbelievable. My 10-year-old is in love with Sanjaya. I started watching The Riches. Very interesting show. I think I’ll keep watching. Also, watched the first of the Tories Inn Love episode…I just love reatity TV. Tell me what you’re watching?

I’m off to write a few more pages–you all have a fantastic day!