Man, what a week so far. I finished my first round of edits on Tuesday night and sent them back to my editor. I should hear something on them by this weekend.  The UPS guy (who was very nice I might add) brought my author copies for Fire & Ice on Monday–I just about fainted. There is nothing besides holding your babies, that comes close to the experience of seeing your first printed book. Every Author should experience it. It’s so exciting and I’ve got people preordering it from all over the US. I want to sell so many they can’t keep up.

Release date: April 17th

Yesterday I was back to writing on Caddy Did. I’m still gearing up to the love scene. Today might be the day that Cadence & Kent get it on. Let’s hope. I have to get this book done so I can work on another.

I want to give a shout-out to everyone that believed in me and has supporting my writing career. I might have given up on my dream without all of you. Waving at my sister Cindy! She was there when I first started writing. She encouraged me to continue, and I did because of her. Not to mention all my CP’s who are always helping me through one crisis after another. Blowing kisses their way.

Have a great day!