I really don’t blog much anymore–just can’t seem to find the time. I’m still trying to promote Fire & Ice and finish Caddy-Did, not to mention reworking three of my older stories–two I just got my rights back to.

I wanted to post some pictures of my media blitz–well it felt like it to me. LOL The pics above are me and Sarah AuBuchon, a reporter for The Journal and Matt West from Straight Talk.

If you get the notion, and want to read. Fire & Ice is in print now. 

Knox Manning is SOOOO hot he burns up the pages of Fire & Ice. Jump over to Amazon, and buy the book to read about what Knox does with a paintbrush. 

I highly recommend Fire and Ice to anyone looking for a laugh out loud good time, a fast paced plot, and characters that keep one another on their toes.Reviewed by Joni at TwoLips