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“Inventing the Abbotts” by Jerri Drennen

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ISBN: 1-59998-546-2
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: August 21, 2007
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Guns, drug runners and a horde of angry alligators can’t keep them apart.

Book One in the Aztec Security series.

Ava Stanton may be one of Aztec Security’s best agents, but following the rules has never been her strong suit. She dresses too sexy, lives too loud and likes her men disposable. And Thorn Abbott loves her despite—or maybe because—of it.

Thorn isn’t exactly your average field agent—he’s known more for being “Mr. Computer” than James Bond. When Ava goes on a dangerous mission, Thorn leaves the office behind to be her backup, determined to keep her safe no matter what.

The two embark on operation “Fly to the Spider,” a high stakes game of seduction designed to trap a deadly criminal. It doesn’t take long before Ava’s seeing a whole new side of Thorn. Who knew he was hiding a killer set of abs beneath his conservative clothing? Maybe Thorn’s love isn’t so unrequited after all.

Soon they’re dancing a dangeous two-step through the bayous of Louisiana, and between their igniting passion and the terrorists on their tail, it’s difficult to tell who’s the spider and who’s the fly…

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language; action-packed, nail-biting suspense; violence; hot sex; a kick-ass heroine; a hero to die for.

I was so tickled to see i up. Can’t wait to see the cover.