I’ve been absent yet again and I wish I could say it’s because I’m writing up a storm because that would be a slight exaggeration. I’m seriously struggling. Actually, I’m in edits for Mauvelous, which gives me an excuse not to write. I think I’m in a bit of a slump, that and I’m tired and worn out right now. Maybe I’ll get a burst of energy soon.

Nothing new here. The kids are in school which brought with it a headcold. Every new school year brings something lovely with it–last year, the stomach flu. I am glad the kids are in school but with my daughters college schedule, I never know when she’ll be back. My oldest daughter is a talker–you literally can’t get her to shut up. When she’s around, I can’t get any writing done. She is supposed to be working on something for me to post here on my blog–a cartoon of my latest release Inventing the Abbotts. We’ll see if she ever finishes it for me.

Anyway, got to get my youngest off to school. Have a wild Monday.