I’m seriously going to try and write every day. How successful I’ll be remains to be seen. I’m still working on The Deal. Still love my characters. Not so sure about my writing–having an insecure time with that. Yes, I know all writers get this way some time, so I guess it’s my turn again.

I didn’t final in a local Mystery Writing Contest and I was a little dissappointed, but it was my first try at a mystery short story so I shouldn’t feel that bad. It was fun and I think I’ll give it away as a free read on my website when I can figure out how to turn it into a PDF file. I downloaded something to help me do that but I still can’t figure out how yet. I’m so computer iliterate.

I have a chat this Saturday at ebooklove with Pam Champagne from noon to I belive five. Come by and get a chance to win a PDF of Inventing the Abbotts. Heck, I might even give away a copy of my print book Fire & Ice.

Anyway, you all have a great day. I’m off to try and write.


How do you like Mauvelous’s cover?