More and more these days. Friday my daughter and I did the shopping thing. She doesn’t have classes on Friday so that’s what we do–shop. This Friday I’m getting my hair cut for the book signing I’m having on Saturday. Its a small new asnd used book store. I’m doing it with a fellow Samhain author, Annmarie McKenna, who writes steamy romance. I hope to pick her brain a bit while at the signing.

I have been writing some. Not a lot but at least I’m writing. I’m about half through with chapter two of Peruvian Knights. Yeah!  I read a few chapter of my book on structure and plotting, and did some reserach on The Knights Templar. I am getting into the book slowly. Maybe slow and steady is better then writing like the wind. Who knows.

Still haven’t finished The Deal. I think I’m just not sure on the ending yet. I’m hoping that it will just come to me and then I’ll be sure it’s right.

I found a great review for Inventing the Abbotts. I needed a good review, believe me.

Anyway, I’m off to try and write. You all have a fantastic Sunday!