Shadow is seven months old now and looks like a grown cat but he’s still my little baby. If I’m down, he always makes me feel better. I think everyone should have a pet–they bring joy to your life and it’s unconditional to boot. Though, Shadow insists on being feed a lot. I think he’s gained 5 pounds since we’ve had him and that’s a lot for a cat.

Struggling again to write. On a positive note, I’ve signed up for the 70 Days of Sweating to help get me motivated. I believe it starts tomorrow. Gulp!!

Caddy-Did comes out on Tuesday. So I’ll be writing and promoting like crazy. It’s the last book I have out right now. That sort of feels weird not having anything pending, but also kind of a relief. I can concentrate on Peruvian Knights that way. Not have to stop to do edits on a book.

I’m back into American Idol this year. I have a few favorites. I’ll talk about them some other time. I’m looking forward to watching New Amsterdam that starts soon. It’s sort of like Highlander–with the fact that he’s lived a long time. I think it looks fabulous! Also, The Riches second season starts in a few weeks. I really love that show. I think their promo stuff is funny–noses and all.

I’m a little worried about gas prices hittting 4$ a gallon. My hubby has to commute to the city every day and that could hurt us quite a bit.  Everything seems to be going up. How do we keep from feeling the pinch when we can’t say, ” Hey, I need more money” like businesses can.

Anyway, you all try and have a nice day.