The snow is falling here in Missouri, which is so different from South Beach, Florida,  the locale of my latest book, Caddy-Did, that was just released.


 Aztec Security is at it again. Will the madcap adventure ever end? If you laughed with Thorn and Ava’s antics in Inventing the Abbotts, or felt a need to shake Yancy and Mauve in Mauvelous, then Kent and Cadence will make you experience both in the last book of the series, Caddy-Did.

 “Caddy-Did” by Jerri Drennen

ISBN: 1-59998-886-0
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: March 4, 2008

Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Can two agents who clash work together to stay alive?

An Aztec Security book.

Kent Jameson is content with his free-and-easy life-until Aztec’s newest recruit lands in his lap and his superiors drop them in the middle of the Everglades with instructions to work out their differences.

Cadence Fleming is excited about becoming an Aztec agent, but she didn’t get what she considers the best of the best as a trainer. Instead, she’s stuck with a man who reeks of booze and sex. While she never thought herself a sharp-tongued prude, Kent seems to bring out the worst in her. Not the best partner to have on a survival training mission.

Then, on day two of their isolation, they come across a body, and their training mission becomes a very real trial by fire. Somewhere in the marshes there’s a killer-and he’s hell bent on making Kent and Cadence his next victims.

Warning: This title contains strong language, run-for-your-life suspense, hot steamy sex and graphic violence.


Kent opened the passenger-side door and tumbled out of the car, a soft giggle greeting his trip to the pavement.“You okay, Sugar?”He glanced up, rubbed his bearded chin and grinned. The petite, blue-eyed blonde he’d spent the night with didn’t look one bit concerned he’d fallen flat on his face. She actually seemed amused.He really should have sobered up before coming to work. But if he had, he’d have been late for purgatory. “I’m fine.” He slid from the car and sat on the blacktop, the morning’s sun already warming it to the point that it burned his ass. Great. Now his butt would sting all day—like his pride. “Thanks for the ride. Or should I say…rides.”She smirked. “No problem. Call me sometime. I had fun.”Fun. Kent had never thought of his performance in the bedroom as fun. Earth-shattering, sure. Mind-blowing, yes. But fun? Definitely not a word used to stroke a man’s ego.Once on his feet, he slammed the car door and watched the blonde back out and leave the parking lot.Damned if he could remember her name. Something like Barbie or Bambi.Hell, what did it matter? He wouldn’t call her anyway.He turned and shuffled toward the entrance to Aztec.Coffee. That’s what he needed, about a pot of the strong stuff. He had to sober up before Cadence Fleming arrived and ruined his buzz.Inside the building, Kent made his way to the break room, intent on polishing off the French roast before people started showing up.Halfway down the hall, the smell of coffee permeated the air.Shit. Someone was already at work. He’d hoped to be able to get cleaned up some before he had to start the day. He knew he was a rumpled mess—hadn’t been home since yesterday morning.When he entered the room, he found David brushing his teeth in the lounge bathroom. He looked like shit too.His boss turned toward him and grimaced, then gave Kent the once over. “What the hell happened to you?”“I could ask you the same question.”Kent headed for the coffee machine, poured a large cup of the brew, then went to one of the tables. He lowered himself into a chair and almost missed the seat, sloshing coffee on his hand. Dammit!With a napkin, he sopped coffee from the newspaper on top the table, Kent caught the headline, “Another Missing Woman”, then sipped from his cup, studying David’s rigid back. Something was wrong, something his boss was hoping to keep secret. “Did you sleep here last night?”David came out of the bathroom, his gray eyes narrowing. “Did you sleep at all?”“Not really. But we were talking about you.”“All right, yes, I did. I’d prefer that stay between you and me.”Kent nodded. “Sure.”David walked over and filled a Styrofoam cup with coffee, then came to sit across from Kent. “Jamie and I are getting a divorce. I want it. She doesn’t. She thinks having a baby can save our marriage. I know better. I can’t see that a child would change anything. In my eyes, it’d make things worse.”“Amen to that. Besides, from what I’ve seen, marriage is like a noose around your neck. The longer you’re in it, the more uncomfortable it gets.”“So, what happened to you?” David pointed to his wrinkled attire. “Why do you look and smell like you’ve spent the night in a brothel?”Kent flinched. “Thanks.”“Well…”“I was out all night. With a woman.”“I figured that much. But why?”“Because, you’ve stuck me with that dominating blonde for the next month. I had to spend my last night of freedom with someone who wouldn’t make me feel as if I was chained to something, being whipped into submission.”David’s eyes widened as he looked over Kent’s shoulder.The gesture told Kent someone was behind him and had heard everything.He turned.In the doorway, her cheeks flushed, stood Cadence Fleming.Talk about sticking your foot in it. Why did she have to overhear that? Now things would be worse than before—and before was bad.“Cadence.” David jumped up to greet her at the door. “I’m glad you’re here. We need to go over what you’ll be doing for the next month.”Kent watched her from the corner of his eye, her if-looks-could-kill glare clear as day. She disliked him, and that wasn’t going to make training her easy—not one bit.David led her to the table. “Kent will be teaching you everything you’ll need to know in the next four weeks. I’m positive with him showing you the ropes, you’ll be ready for anything that’s thrown at you.”She looked squarely at Kent, her turquoise eyes darkening. “Does that include verbal humiliation?” 

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