“Slow down, Maggie. Most of the snakes in the region are big enough that you could hardly step on one without knowing it. It’s hard to hide a Anaconda.”

Okay, that’s more than one sentence but….

I finished my words for the day. 1,065. Total to date. 7,349. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The pages are flying by, and I’ve never been so happy with my progress. Peruvian Knights will get finished at this rate. I know now that it was all about discipline. I had none until I started this. Sven has taught me that writing every day is the only way to go. After a few day, you get used to the idea that you have to write a 1,000 words that day. I find that getting it done early is best for me–getting it out of the way so to speak.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes because Saturday is family day. I’m going to have to write as soon as I get up so that we can do what we planned to. Trying to write later in the day would be hard for me–my mind isn’t as clear.

So, I’m in love with the new show New Amsterdam. What a fantastic premise and the lead actor is a hunk. Last night we learned that his older friend from the first episode is actually his son.  Anyway, catch it if you can. It’s a great new show.

Still no word on Her Man Flint. I wish they’d at least ask for the full. I need my Department of National Security series out there again to read. I’d love to get published by EC/Cerriwen. They have print books in all the brick and mortar stores.

Anyway, I’m off to do some revisions. Have a fantastic Friday!