I lost over 200 words I’d written because of an error in my Word document. I’ve been having some problems lately. I’d be smart to write on my laptop for now. I need to clean up my PC. It hasn’t been running right for a while.

Anyway, I struggled to write 1,053 words today.  Total, 9,432. I can’t count the ones I’d lost today but I’d like to. I think I had close to 1,300 when my crash happened. A letter that Cedric had written Travis before he died. I hope that I can rewrite it.

Today and for the rest of the week, Samhain is having a reader appreciate week on the cafe loop. Pop over for you chance to win a ton of prizes. I haven’t signed up yet for a time slot or two but I plan to today or tomorrow. I’ll let you know when and what I plan to give away.

I ordered my tote with Romance Writers World on it yesterday. It should be done by Friday. Marty Kindall and Pam Champagne and I will be throwing our print books inside the bag for a good cause. It’s going to the auction that Brenda Novak is having for the Diabetes Foundation. Like I mentioned, my niece, Cammy, was just diagnosed last year with type 1. So the cause is near and dear to me.

Yesterday we went to the mall. I got some Avon products. I love Avon. I also bought a blouse. My youngest, who is eleven, got her ears pierced. She’s definitely growing up.

Anyway, I guess I have to post my sentence for the day.

“Maybe he wasn’t the target.”

Til tomorrow,