The man has done more for my writing than anyone. I haven’t missed one day since I started sweating. Today was easy. Some days have been difficult. Like yesterday when I was dealing with some emotional issues but today was a breeze. I’m almost at the 100 page mark in my WIP. Yippeeeeeeeee!

Anyway, word count for the day 1074. Total since Sven came to sweat with me, 15,773.

Yesterday my son came over and worked on my computer, and I got my new 2007 word installed. It’s a great program. So much nicer than my older version. It takes a little getting used to but so was using my laptop. After he left, I did some editing on my manuscript. I got to chapter 6. I’m writing chapter 11 right now. So I have about 5 chapters to edit still, but I’ll get them done.

I’m getting my donation ready for Brenda Novak’s auction. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a picture to send my friend who knows Brenda. Get it up on the auction page. Remember that it’s a great cause. The National Diabetes fountation. Go over and bid on something when it starts. I plan to.

Anyway, have a great day!