I’m spending a quiet Easter at home with just the family. What is everyone else doing?

I wrote 1,070 words today after I got dinner in the oven. Total since I started, 24,349 words. I finished chapter 13 today. I’m working on a query letter too. I’ve been reading a lot of them to see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never been very good at writing them. I think mine might be more of a blurb than a query. I’ve rewritten the thing like ten times. I may rework it ten more times before I think it’s good enough to send out once I get the book written. I’m about half finished now. Of course, I’ll have tons of revisions to do once the first draft is completed, but I’m thrilled with my progress. Then after revision is done, I have to write a synopsis which is harder than a query. Yuck!  This will be the first  paranormal I’m going to be trying to sell. Not my first paranormal, just the first that I’ll try to sell.  I have no idea about the market–going to have to do some research on it.

Anyway, have a Happy Easter!