I have a migraine and let me tell you, it’s hard to think with one. I barely made my word count. 1,003 Total as of today, 30,887. I’m just thankful I’m done, though I don’t think I am happy with the scene I wrote. Finished chapter 15.

Yesterday I went to our local Barnes & Noble looking to see if they had any Samhain books. They had 1–mine. It was the store I talked into stocking my book. They had 1 left. I pulled it out and put its cover face out so people could see it. Well, I am the author, right? While I was there I picked up some craft books. First, The Classic Guide to Better Writing by Rudolf Flesch and A. H. Lass. Next, Novelist’s Boot Camp, 101 ways to take your book from boring to bestseller by Todd A. Stone. For fun, I bought Stephanie Tyler’s new Blaze Beyond Control. Steph used to be a critique partner of mine a few years ago. I knew back then that she had something special.

Anyway, I’m off to take a tylenol. Have a satisfying Saturday!