It’s hard to believe that I’ve been sweating for a month now. A whole month that I didn’t miss one day of writing. That is a record for me. Even at my best, I never wrote everyday. I’m very proud of myself. I can do this–and I refused to stop even when the challenge is over. Today’s word count 1,132. Total, 32,019

I started reading Novelist Boot Camp yesterday–it’s very enlightening. Once I get the first draft of Peruvian Knights done, then I can go back and use what I’ve learned to make the story stronger.

Still no word on Her Man Flint at Cerriwen. Maybe they don’t want to see all of it. I so want my Department of National security series in print. Agent in Training received excellent reviews and Nick Trent is like the hottest man alive. Veil of Deceit and The Morgan Charm has never been published. I’d love to see all 4 books in print some day.

Anyway, you all have a great Sunday!