So it isn’t my favorite place to live, but it’s my hubby’s home state so that’s why we life here. I’m from Minnesota–loved growing up on a farm there. It was heavenly. I haven’t been home for almost 4 years. Next year will be my 30 reunion. I will be going. Man, time sure does fly by. I still remember high school. My best friend Jenell. Falling in love for the first time. I think that’s why I love to write romance. It brings it all back.  What about you?  What brings back your high school days? A song. A food? A book?

Today I’m doing some spring cleaning. The kids rooms were a mess and they don’t know how to clean the way I do. My youngest daughters room was in shambles, but it’s looking pretty spiffy right now. I cleaned my sons room a few days ago and my bedroom last weekend. It’s starting to shape up around the Drennen’s.

Word count for today, 1,022. Total since Sven came into my life and forced me to produce wordage, 40,265. Yessureeee bob! I said over 40,000. That is a record for me. This is the most words I’ve written in this short of time ever. I’m darn proud of my accomplishment. I’m about 80 pages from finishing the book. Then I have to revise because it’s a rough draft for sure.

Anyway, you all have a wonderful day!