I think I have exactly 2 weeks left of the Sven challenge. At least 14,000 words. Yesterday and today’s word count were, 2,224. Totaly since I started, 65,327. I never dreamed when I started this challenge that I would stick with it. I haven’t missed one day of writing over 1,000 words. I think I was allowed a few. I don’t remember how many. Let me tell you, I’ve written through two major family crisis’s that I would have never made it through without Sven. What a man. He’s kept me sweating through good and bad times and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank him enough, but I will try in 14 days.

Anyway, received my rights back for my single title romantic suspense, Saving Grace. It’s contract was up. I’ve been tinkering with it a bit. I feel sort of sad that the Cord and Grace’s story is no longer at Loose-ID, but I will always remember them fondly. Treva and the gals were so great to work with. I didn’t get to say goodbye to Ansley who left them a while back. She was my editor there and a fantastic person. I just can’t say enough nice things about that publishing company. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another book there some day. Now I have to find a home for Saving Grace. This time somewhere it can go to print.

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful Missouri day. Can you say perfect weather. I already took a long walk–heck, I may take another.