I did better than I could have ever dreamed. Tomorrow I will have reached 80,000 words for the challenge. This was my first 70 days of sweating and I am more than pleased with my results. Yesterday’s word count was 1,054. Today, 1007. Total, 79,068

I’m not going to bore you with details but this month has been really tough on a personal level. I’m getting my reflux back because of all the stress–something my body can’t handle. What I did realize though was that I am a real writer. I can write through things that most wouldn’t be able to. Why? Because I love it. I want to be a Best-selling author. I want people to know who I am. I think you really have to want that to write through rough times. Besides writing, I’m reading craft books and am learning so much about what make a memorable character, a strong plot and all around great story. I hope that Untouched shows that I’ve strengthened my writing and have created two characters that I truly love. Today, I’ve hit page 95 in the second book in the series, nearing halfway to completion. The third book is already perulating in my head, the chatacters, Hunt & Reyna. Both very strong, tough people. Conflict will be revealed in the second but, but will be reiterated in the third.

Anyway, have a good night, and on American Idol tonight…Go David Cook!