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Mauvelous by Jerri Drennen
ISBN: 1-59998-704-X
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50
Publication Date: December 11, 2007

Can trust, once lost, ever truly be regained?

Book 2 in the Aztec Security series.

Yancy Adams returns to work at Aztec Security with three things on his to-do list: 1. Prove he’s no traitor; 2. Bring down Evan Grayson’s criminal empire; 3. Get fellow agent Mauve O’Connor out of his head. Or back into his bed.

They may have spent only one perfect night together, but Yancy can’t keep the fiery redhead off his mind. But his new assignment for Aztec should take care of that. Seducing an international criminal’s girlfriend should be the perfect way to purge Mauve from his system.

Too bad the closer he gets to his mark, the more he wants the one woman he can’t have.

Mauve O’Connor’s got a problem. Not only is she partnered with Yancy—a man she doesn’t trust—she has another assignment for Aztec. To watch him and prove his innocence…or guilt. Except she hadn’t planned on how damned good he’d look, or how memories of their one night together would creep into her mind and hold her hostage. Or how jealous seeing him with another woman would make her feel.

As they close in on their elusive target, sparks—and bullets—fly. But the most elusive and dangerous thing of all is the truth.

Warning: High-octane action, witty banter and toe-curling love scenes.

Through a small pair of binoculars, Mauve viewed an exchange between Yancy and a man sitting at an adjacent table, then flipped through the file in her lap.

She found a picture of Muacac and glanced at the man again. Yep, this was the guy, and Yancy was glaring spitfire at him.

Did they know each other?

From the sparks flying from both men’s eyes, she’d say no. Could it be an act, though, one they’d concocted for her benefit? She couldn’t say for sure. Yet, her gut said it wasn’t.

Her cell phone chirped.

She reached inside her handbag and grabbed the phone, flipping it open. “Talk to me.”

“Mauve, it’s David. How’s it going? Any contact yet?”

“Yancy is having lunch at The Sands as we speak and has met the target. I’m not sure if she took the bait or not. It’s too early to say.”

“Yancy has no problem attracting women. I’m not worried about that. I’m more concerned with how you’re going to handle it when he does.”

Mauve was taken aback by his remark. Did he think her so unprofessional that a night with Yancy could erase five years of training? If so, she had to reassure him. “I’m handling this case just fine, David. You have no need to worry.” True, she was stretching the truth a little but she needed her boss to trust her to deal with the job at hand, to know she could put her personal feelings aside where Yancy was concerned.

When push came to shove, she could do that.

Admittedly, Yancy had her body quaking. So what? Her job was more important than giving herself satisfaction, and always would be.

Besides, he was drunk the evening they were together and could hardly remember anything about it.

Most men were horrible in bed when they were that drunk. Not Yancy. He just couldn’t remember how remarkable he’d been.

What would he have been like sober? Better? Was that even possible?

She’d never know.

“Mauve. Are you still there?”

Mauve forced herself to put all that old baggage away and focused on her job.

“Yes, I’m here. Sorry, the reception’s awful,” she lied, shifting uncomfortably in her seat.

Get it together, Mauve. Before you come undone.

“Look, David. I can do this. You have to trust me, give me some time. If Yancy is working for Grayson, I’ll uncover the ruse. Ex-lover or not, Aztec is my number one priority, and if Yancy’s goal is to bring about its demise, I intend to bring about his first.”