For some reason my last post didn’t come up as lastest post. Not sure what happened there.

Sorry about my long absence. I’ve been laying low awhile–trying to write and live life. Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to be a grandma for the first time. I’ve very excited about that. 

Book wise I’ll have two coming out next year. Aztec Security will be in print at the end of January. I don’t have a release date yet for Grace Under Fire coming out with WILD ROSE PRESS. Here’s the book blurb.

Since her husband’s death, Grace Diaglo has been sleepwalking through life. That is, until her husband’s ex-partner shows up just in time to become her impromptu bodyguard when a peeping tom is spotted outside her bathroom window. Grace isn’t sure who she’s more afraid of, the man trying to see her naked or the one she’s started picturing that way.

Ex-Chicago cop, Cord Rawlings, intends to find his partner’s killer. What he doesn’t count on is an intense attraction to the dead man’s wife or the corruption a probe into his friend’s death uncovers—an investigation that has the pair dodging bullets to stay alive. Will he be able to keep Grace safe or have they become the targets of the last person either of them suspected?

I’m still on chapter 4 with Going Once, Going Twice–Dead Haven’t had much time to write but I hope to finish the chapter by Thursday, then start 5. I’m seriously having fun writing this story. Dane is great hero. Next book in the series with be Steve Morgan’s. There is a little story behind Steve. I wrote about him years ago in a Writer’s Digest contest I entered–when I’d first started writing. I’d be embarrassed to even look at the entry now. I hadn’t even thought about Steve in forever. But he popped up in this book and refused to go away. I guess that means I have give him his own book. Men are soooo stubborn.

Anyway, here’s a little sample of Dane and Steve.

Copyrights© Jerri Drennen October2008

“Ms. Preston. Thank you for coming. If you’ll follow me, we’ll go down the hall for a little more privacy.” On his way to the interrogation room, Dane bumped into Morgan coming out of the restroom.
“Steve, this is Simone Preston. Ms. Preston, this is Detective Morgan.”
“It’s a pleasure.”
She nodded but didn’t return his friend’s sentiment. It didn’t take a brain surgery to see she wasn’t happy about being there.
He pointed at the door to the right. “You can go on in. I’ll join you in a few minutes.”
She nodded and walked inside, closing the door behind her.
“Damn, Dane. You didn’t tell me how hot she was. No wonder your meeting ended so badly. You probably couldn’t string two coherent words together.”
Dane scowled. “I followed protocol to the letter with Ms. Preston. A pretty face isn’t going to change that.”
Morgan raised his hands in protest. “Okay. I believe you. No need jumpin down my throat.”
“Sorry. It’s been a long day.” Dane inhaled, then slowly released the breath. “Time to have a talk with the lady. Find out her story on the murder in San Diego.”

Anyway, have a great day!