Happy 2009 all! I know I wasn’t much of a blogger last year but I hope to change that this year.  Lots going on. I have another print book coming out the 27th. I’m totally hyped up.


Aztec Security

Inventing the Abbotts-Following the rules has never been agent Ava Stanton’s strong suit. Thorn Abbott isn’t exactly your average agent, either. Until he leaves his desk to join her in operation Fly to the Spider.

Now Ava’s seeing a whole new side of Thorn that ignites her passions. And as they dance a dangerous two-step through the Louisiana bayou, it’s difficult to tell who’s the spider and who’s the fly…

Mauvelous -Yancy Adams returns determined to prove he’s no traitor and to get Mauve O’Connor out of his head. Seducing an international criminal’s girlfriend should do the trick on both counts.

Mauves job is to watch her partner prove his innocence or guilt. Except memories of their one night together holds her hostage.

As sparks—and bullets—fly, she finds that the most elusive and dangerous thing of all is the truth.

Caddy-Did – Kent Jameson is contest with his free-and-easy life—until he’s sent out on a survival training mission with the agency’s newest recruit.

Cadence Fleming didn’t get what she considers the best of the best as a trainer. She’s stuck with a man who reeks of booze and sex and brings out the worst in her

Then they come across a body, and their training mission becomes a trial by fire. There’s a killer in the Everglades—and he’s hell bent on making them his next victims.

Available for pre-order at Borders, Barnes & Noble and Amazon


Also, I wanted to post a wedding picture of my daughter Becca and her new husband Brendon who are expecting their first baby at the end of May.


Anyway, I promise to post at least once a week from now on.