I’ve been tagged by Phyllis Campbell, so here I go with my six things that makes me happy…

1. Has to be my children, though they can try me at times.

2. My kitties. I love them very much and just watching them make me smile.

3. Yard sales. Love to go. Part of the reason why I hate winter, there aren’t any.

4. Watching reality TV. It truly fascinates me.

5. Writing. Without it, I’m not a very happy camper.

6. Summer. It’s my favorite season. I love the sun. I love cutting the grass. It’s so relaxing to me. It must be the smell.

Now I’m supposed to tag 6 people but anyone who knows me, knows I never do that. If you want to tell me what makes you happy, just leave a message here.

Over at Dear Author they’re having a contest to try and save contemporary romance. You know Fire & Ice is conmtemporary so this means a lot to me.


Have a great day!