I know that vampire romance is a huge genre right now, but I’ve never really gotten into the craze. Anyway, my cats woke me up at two this morning and after I feed them, I tried to go back to sleep. I did the usual things like counting sheep or daydreaming about Sean Patrick Flannery. But none of that works. My mind starts spinning ideas. A parody on the vampire romance. The heroine,  Pearl Wisdom is a dentist by day, vampire slayer by night. Using her trusty bite stick and explorer as her  weapon’s, she hunts down and extracts vampires canines so they are no longer a threat to society. That is until she meets the one man who changes everything, a dark and hunger vampire who wants to get incisor her head–and other parts of her anatomy. (Bad pun)Drak Bloodlet. Together the two give a whole new meaning to the word bonding.images

Story to follow.

See what happens when I don’t get a enough sleep–it’s frightening.


NOTE:  This is a simple parody and is not meant to offend any author who write vampire romance.