It’s time for me to do this. I’ve been content with learning everything I needed to know about writing from the internet, through articles, groups and forums. Well, I’m going to expand my network tomorrow. I’m going to my first chapter meeting. Yes, I’m nervous but what’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe I learn something I didn’t know and possibly become a better writer in the process. What am I really afraid of? Silly insecurities that it’s time to put behind me. I’ll post about the experience when I get a chance.

Writing–well, I’m struggling with that as well. Revision is coming along great but writing anything new is virtually impossible for me right now. I hope tomorrow will motivate me to change that.

Today I found a whole bunch of cute little things for Emma Christine. She’s just about a month away from being born. Becca is ready–at least that’s what she says–boy will she be surprised how not ready she is. She does have her bag packed for the hospital stay. Her baby shower is next Saturday. I’m not ready yet but hope to have it all pulled together by then.

Anyway, you have a fantstic weekend!