I was scared. I’m sure they could all see that. The ladies I did talk to were really nice. First we had Coffee Talk. In the meeting we had  Janette Kenny as speaker and I really enjoyed her presentation. I learn a few things I didn’t know and that made going well worth the uncomforable feelings I had about it.

I’m working on revision and I started something new as well. It’s a secret agent type story. I have so many things going–I need to finish at least one of them in the next month. I do know working on one thing at a time is best but right now I just don’t seem to be able to do that. I’ll write all I can and finish them all hopefully this year. Goal for the rest of 2009–finish everything I’ve started.

Today hubby and I are off to get everything for the baby shower. I’m just thankful that its not going to be a formal thing–casual and laid back. I want to enjoy the day as well. My daughter wasn’t feeling well yesterday–having a lot of Braxton Hicks. I told her not to have the baby before the shower. She said she’d try not to. She had a doctors appt today. We’ll see if she’s start dialating or not.

Anyway, have a great Tuesday!