That’s what I’ve got going with my writing. I’m, working on too many different stories.  Revision on two and writing a new story and struggling to finish another. I really think you can have too many characters running around in your head that its hard to focus on any of them. This is me right now. I started a new spy story that I think will be a novella. I’m doing rewrites on my Men of the Jungle series. Then I have my romantic suspense, “Going Once, Going Twice, Dead” that is about half done. Which one do I work on? I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll let you decide. I’ll give you the first lines of each and you can tell me which one I should focus my time on.

1. Untouched–Travis Kane lifted the box from the attorney’s desk and gave it a good shake, not at all surprised to find it sounded empty.

2. Unplanned–Dana Rutherford stared open-mouthed at the stick between her thumb and forefinger, the pink plus sign forming on the indicator sending her heart into her stomach.

3. Going Once, Going Twice, Dead–Christ almighty!  In the ten years Dane Reynolds had been in Homicide, he’d never seen anything like this, and that was saying something.

4. The Spy Who Snagged Me–From an acquaintances theatre box, Gil Bartholomew viewed his target, a tempting vision that made his groin twitch.

Which story should I finish first?

The baby shower was a blast. Everyone came and had a good time. I don’t think there is much my daughter needs now. She’s ready for her daughter to come. So am I.

Have a great evening!