For the last 4 days I’ve been on the 1,000 words a day program, and surprisingly it takes very little time to do. Why haven’t I been doing this all along? Because I’m lazy when it comes to writing. I’ve treated it as a hobby, but I’ve decided that for people to take me seriously in this business, I need to take myself seriously. So, since Sunday I have a little over 4,000 new words in Going Once, Going Twice, Dead. Dane and Simone have lead me in a direction that I think will help keep me going for quite awhile. I hope to have this book finished by sometime next month.  Meanwhile, I’ll still be working on revision on Untouched and Unplanned.

Someone asked me the other day how many stories I’d written. I had to sit down and write them all down.  These are the stories I’ve finished. Because I have a few in partial completion, but I’m not counting them. I’ve written 13 full-length novels and 4 novellas. Only 4 are published–one going to be in the near future. But what does that leave? Okay, my first book was an ode to fan-fiction, but the others had strong story lines, I just need to rewrite them. That thought used to scare me, but it doesn’t anymore. It’s not all that hard to revise a manuscript. I’m finding that out with Untouched and Unplanned. So, even if I couldn’t come up with any new story ideas, (which I can) I’d have books to fall back on. I’m thankful for that. I hope to see them all in print someday.

So on to the homefront. My husband is on vacation this week, and we’ve been spending a lot of time working outside, when it isn’t raining. Trying to get the homestead looking fab. Going to do a little bit of landscaping if it stops raining.

My daughters baby has dropped, which says to me, she’s about ready to be born. I am so excited about being a Grandmother. I can’t wait to spoil my granddaughter completely.

Anyway, enough for now. Have a great Wednesday.