I have to tell you, it feels really good to be writing on a regular basis–I feel like a writer again. I’ve come to realize that I’ve been a slacker the last six months, and if it kills me, I’m going to continue the 1,000 words a day. As soon as I finish Going Once, Going Twice, Dead I think I’ll go back to my jungle adventures and finish the last book in the series Undone. Hunt probably thought I’d forgot about him. Then after that book, a secondary character in Going Once is calling for his own story. Yeah, yeah, I’m definately getting ahead of myself. One book at a time.

Yesterday my daughter had a doctors appointment. The Doc said the baby seemed big and that he’s afraid she might have trouble having a normal delivery. She is having another sonogram on Friday. I guess we’ll find out  what’s going to happen then, unless she goes into labor before Friday. I seriously hope she doesn’t have to have a C-Section.

Note: I am going to talk about character types some day soon–just haven’t had much time to get anything together on it.

Anyway, have a wonderful evening!