Yep, Grace Under Fire has a release date. Digital release is 11-18-09. Print date, tentatively 11-18-09. It could change. But I’m very excited because I thought it wouldn’t be released until next year. I’m really going to work hard to get the word out with this book. Cord is a great tortured hero and deserves that much.

I finally worked up the nerve to send my submission to Harlequin. Now the waiting begins. I pray they’ll ask for the full of Going Once, Going Twice, Dead.

Hook, Line, Murder is moving along nicely. I have about a scene left to finish chapter 2. I really like it so far and that’s not easy for me to say since I’m so critical of my work, but I think it’s my best work yet.

Emma. What can I say. I simply adore her. She weighs 10 pounds, 3 ounces now. She is growing so fast.

Emma 3 7-12-09

Anyway, I’ll talk to you all later. Have a great weekend!