It’s weird but usually I have trouble with my female characters but with this book, Sloan is coming along nicely. Greer is giving me trouble. I guess because he’s not your typical hero, having just been released from prison. He’s having a tough time staying on the staight-and-narrow since he can’t find a job and is running out of money. I think I’ve got a plan for him, but I don’t want him to come across as completely irredeemable. Though, I do want to see how far I can go without that happening.  Hopefully I can get through this first chapter and get to their first meeting, which will be fun since Sloan is going to break-up his first chance at getting nookie after 6 years in prison. Needless to say he isn’t happy about the interruption, especially when she accuses him of stealing a precious stone. I know if I can get past this first chapter I’ll be okay. Wish me luck.

Have a wonderful Sunday!