As per my routine, I’m checking out my favorite blogs this morning and come across a link to an article by Alan Elsner at The Huffington Post at Dear Author.  I couldn’t help but jump over and read the story. Title of his enlightening post, How Romance Novels take the Romance out of Romance.  Jump over and take a look and let me know what you think.

Still no word from Harlequin on my submission but it hasn’t been that long. Just nervous–soooooo want them to ask for the full of Hook, Line, Murder.

I’m currently on chapter 4 in Diamond in the Rough. Greer and Sloan have met. LOL

I’m going to leave you with a snippet from the book. Hope you enjoy it. I’m having a blast writing it.


 Diamond in the Rough

Greer Beranger started for the stairs, not even bothering to see if they’d gotten the elevator fixed. Nothing ever worked at the Edgewood. The place was a dump. Too bad it was the only room he could afford on the money he’d been given the day he was released from the pen.

At his room, he took his key and inserted it into the lock, dreading another night in the roach infested palace. At least it was larger than a five-by-seven cell and he could come and go as he pleased, though, oddly after six years of being locked away, having freedom felt somehow suffocating. That, and the job market for ex-cons wasn’t all that abundant, especially when you had a conviction for robbery hanging over your head. A high-tech theft true, yet that didn’t matter since it showed up on paper the same. No one wanted a pick-pocket working for them, no matter whose pocket you picked.

He sent the bolt-lock home inside the door and went to sit on the edge of his lumpy mattress covered in a tattered blue bedspread.

What was he going to do all night? Watch television? He’d done that every evening since he’d been released. He might as well be back in prison for all the excitement he’d had.

Worst yet, he’d been out of the pen for two weeks and he hadn’t even come close to getting laid. It wasn’t like he could afford to pay for the privilege and no decent woman looked at a man who wasn’t dressed for success. Six year ago he had woman falling all over him, today he couldn’t catch a single one’s eye. Women liked men who appeared to be a catch—he obviously wasn’t that fish any longer.

He glanced down at the ratty green shirt and holey jeans and blew out a breath. He needed some new clothes and a decent haircut. Maybe then he could get lucky. But without a job, he couldn’t afford either.

How did a person right out of prison stay straight with no incentive to do so?

Greer stood and paced the room, angry with his dilemma. He had to think of something that’d keep him from going back to jail. Find a job that would earn him enough money so he could enjoy being free again and to get his life back on track. That was his ultimate goal. To work in his chosen field again.

He reached into his pocket, pulled out the cash he had left and quickly counted the bills. One hundred and sixty- three dollars. That would keep him in this luxury suite for another three weeks, and that was if he gave up eating altogether.

“Think, Greer. You’re a smart man with a college degree, not to mention skills you’d learned in prison. Surely that could help in some way.”

A knock sent his heart racing. He turned and stared at the door. No one knew he was here. Hell, all his friends from the past were long gone.

He walked to the door. “Who’s there?”

“Heard you were looking for a job?” a man with an English accent said.

Greer frowned. What kind of employer came to you with an offer?

The illegal kind.  It was probably the Feds trying to bait him. “You heard wrong.”

“You are Greer Beranger, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but like I said, I’m not looking for trouble.”

Silence met his answer.

Good. He didn’t need anyone trying to lure him to the dark side. His predicament was tempting enough.

“This is a legitimate job if you want it,” the man said, startling Greer back to the door.

“Doing what?”

“One of the things you’re good at.”

“And what’s that?”

“Attracting women.”

Anyway, have a great weekend all!