Since her husband’s death, Grace Diaglo has been sleepwalking through life. That is, until her husband’s ex-partner shows up just in time to become her impromptu bodyguard when a peeping Tom is spotted outside her bathroom window. Grace isn’t sure who she’s more afraid of, the man trying to see her naked or the one she’s started picturing that way.

Ex-Chicago cop, Cord Rawlings, intends to find his partner’s killer. What he doesn’t count on is an intense attraction to the dead man’s wife or the corruption a probe into his friend’s death uncovers-an investigation that has the pair dodging bullets to stay alive. Will he be able to keep Grace safe or have they become the targets of the last person either of them suspected?


Grace stared up at the light in the tree house, contemplating what she should do. A late night breeze chilled the fragrant summer air. She wrapped an afghan tightly around her shoulders.

Should I go and talk to Cord?

Goose bumps popped up at the prospect of being alone with him. He’d probably have the opposite reaction. He didn’t want to be in the same room with her anymore. Why else would he choose to spend the evening working on a tree house?

Charlie had come down hours ago and gone upstairs to bed. Grace was left to wander the house, desperate for someone to talk to. She understood Emily and Charlie’s need for rest. They had a baby that kept them up.

But she wasn’t even remotely tired. She was restless. Needed someone to interact with. Someone, huh! Interact, right! Who was she trying to fool? She wanted Cord. Close. Touching her. Making her feel alive again.

Her decision made, she draped the blanket over one shoulder and placed her foot on the first rung, easing up the ladder. Her heart raced faster the closer she got to the tree house.

At the top, she hesitated.

What are you doing, Grace? Are you going to throw yourself at him? Beg him to make love?

She cringed at the prospect. She was about to climb back down the ladder when Cord stuck his head out.

“You shouldn’t be out there, Grace. It’s not safe. Hurry and get up here.” He reached around her waist and pulled her into the house, losing his balance in the process. He fell backward, and Grace landed with a grunt on top him.

Seconds passed without a word or the slightest movement.

Grace studied Cord’s handsome face, seeing pain. “Did I hurt you?”

He swallowed once, then again, and shook his head.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” His voice was husky.

Grace shivered, her body singing with excitement. Just being near him stirred sensations she’d never dreamed existed. She came to life in his arms.

Making love to Cord would be magic. He excited yet terrified her, all in the same breath.

She shifted her weight, and his discomfort became evident against her leg.

She smiled. No passion for her, huh? This was a clear indication she’d been wrong. He wanted her, too, and that knowledge exhilarated her.

His blue eyes darkened to slate. “What’s so funny? Do you get a charge from giving a man a hard-on?”

Her smile grew. “Only you,” she confessed.

He growled deep in his throat. “Grace, I don’t think—”

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