One of critique partners has a book out today. Here’s the blurb for Out of theCloset 

Chaz never once thought the day he came out of the closet no one would be home . . . except the cat. And he was neutered.
Chaz is ready for the great reveal. He’s carefully prepped himself for his private coming out party with new clothes, a handwritten invitation to a romantic dinner, and a solitary long-stemmed rose. Just one little problem—the object of his affection, the beautiful Karl, isn’t home.
While the cat that looks like a rat gnaws on his rose, Chaz doesn’t hear the rough and tumble Mike, the third member of the trio of apartment-mates, walk in the door. Mike’s not the least bit shy . . . about anything, including letting it be known how upset he his Chaz is in love with Karl.
Chaz and the cat contemplate the demise of Mike who is on a quest to sacrifice the cannibalistic cat, until Karl comes home and announces he’s getting married—to a woman.
Could it get any worse for Chaz? Probably.