Travis stripped the clothes from his body and waded into the cool water, determined to lose that picture before his swim was over.

He had to get a few hours sleep tonight or he’d have a hard time staying awake tomorrow.

For what seemed like an hour, he swam, gliding fluidly on the surface of the water, hoping it’d tire him out.

A splashing sound from the edge of the pool put him on alert.

He treaded water, his gaze darting around the pool, then coming to land on Mattie, whose barely-clothed body skimmed through the water, the moonlight casting a glow around her as if she were a ghost.

Travis sucked in a breath, caught up in her movement as she closed in on him.

What the hell was she doing? He had only so much control, and it was being seriously diminished by the look in her eyes.

As she neared, he struggled to breathe. “What do you want, Mattie?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” The words came out in a seductive whisper, and his cock throbbed under the cool water.

Christ Almighty.

How was he going to fight his desire when everything she did turned him on?

“You’re going to be worn out if you don’t get some rest.” Was he telling her or himself that?

“You haven’t been sleeping either, have you?” She inched closer to him.

If not for the water swirling around him, he’d have gone up in flames. “I’m used to not getting much rest in the jungle.”

She smiled, then dunked her head under the water and resurfaced.

As if in a trance, Travis watched her hands glide down her long blonde tresses, wringing out the water, the droplets on her face shining in the moonlight. He was lost in her eyes–lost in one particular drop of water on her plump bottom lip. Never in his life had he wanted to kiss a woman so badly. He could almost feel her mouth fused on his–taste the cool water on her lips.

This was insane.

She was on the move again, skimming through the water, her intent clear. She wanted him to kiss her, and more. How could he resist the open seduction, especially with his body screaming to stop thinking and start kissing?

When her toes curled around his beneath the water, an electric current shot up his leg, spreading out to every appendage, causing one in particular to go rigid.

She reached a wet hand out and traced the line of his bottom lip. “You have a beautiful mouth.” It was said so low he wondered if she’d meant to say it aloud.

This whole thing was getting out of control fast. He either had to stop her now or kiss her until she passed out.

Her index finger dipped into his mouth.


He grasped her hand and slammed his body into hers, his lips melding over her mouth, taking her in as if he couldn’t breathe without her. Sparks of passion ignited a fire in his body, leaving him powerless to stop.

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