I’m doing RoDiWriMo over at Divas for August. I have two projects I need to finish and I intend to do that this month.

Its been a crazy summer, hot, humid and busy.  5 weeks ago one of our feral cats we feed had kittens and proceeded to leave them. Two died but I managed to keep the one we named Mu-aka Moo(because he was white with black spots) alive, by trial and error let me tell you. First, I had no idea that it would be so much work. Kittens can’t do anything for themselves–including going potty. When he was three weeks old his fur started to fall out. Took him to our wonderful vet who told me to chuck the Hartz milk replacement we were using and get KMR and gave us some vitamins to give him daily. His fur is growing back nicely now thanks to Petag. Right now I’m tryin g to teach him how to use the litterbox–he doesn’t seem to be catching on yet. I also tried to get him to  drink his formula from a saucer–that didn’t work either. I’ll keep working on both. Here is my little bundle of energy.