First up is my only contemporary romance Fire & Ice

He’s a hunky fire investigator, she creates ice sculptures-when these two get together things can’t help but sizzle.

Fire investigation is Knox Manning’s passion, that is until he meets the suspect in his latest arson case. The moment he locks eyes with Melanie Sharp’s powder blue gaze his knees buckle-a foreign reaction to the six-foot-two fireman. Thing is, the woman is trouble with a capital “T”. Messing with her could cost him his job and his sanity. That’s what his mind says anyway, too bad his body isn’t listening.

Melanie’s a talent, an up-and-comer in the cultured art world and a woman with a less than stellar past. When one of her promotional flier’s is found at the scene of a burned out house, she suddenly finds herself the focus of an arson investigation. One led by a dark-haired man who scares her as much as he thrills her. The house blaze had been set, but not by Melanie. She’s determined to prove that to Knox, who has suddenly become the catalyst of her secret sexual fantasies-igniting an inferno so intense she’s afraid of sustaining third-degree burns.

Melanie opened the back door to A Leg Up, slipped inside, and inched her way down the hallway.

Knox was here somewhere. She’d found that out from one of the men at the firehouse. She prayed he wasn’t engaging in a sexual act when she found him.

Though why shouldn’t he be? Not answering his calls had driven him to come to such a place—maybe into the arms of another. Experienced arms, legs, and God knows what else from the looks of the place.

Melanie grimaced. Could she blame him really? She hadn’t returned his calls—or been all that nice to him since they’d met. He’d admitted to wanting her. But he couldn’t tell her why. She wasn’t beautiful. Wasn’t built like Kay, curves in all the right places. Not hardly. So why would a gorgeous, hunky man like Knox want her? The whole thing made no sense.

“Hey, you. Come here,” a thin, balding man said, his finger hitched up at her. “You’re late.”

“Me?” Melanie’s heart pounded inside her chest. Caught like a rat. What were they going to do? Throw her out? She’d never find out what Knox was up to if they did.

“They just keep getting’ dumber.” The ugly man shook his head and grabbed her arm. “Yes, you. Hurry up. You’re next.”

He shoved her into a dressing room and threw a strange costume at her. “Get into that. You have five minutes.”

Melanie stared at the getup, and convulsively swallowed. It looked like a firemen’s uniform, except made for a Barbie doll.

She stared aghast at the tiny bits of fabric.

The man stuck his head in and frowned. “Aren’t you dressed yet?”

“There has to be some…mis—”

He raised his hand and cut her off abruptly. “Two minutes.”

What was she going to do? Think, Melanie. What would Nancy Drew do in this type of situation? Yeah, right. Like Nancy would ever be caught dead in a bar, spying on Ned. No, it’d have to be a case she was on the brink of solving to get her into a strip joint. Nancy Drew and The Clue of the Exotic Dancer.

An idea hit Melanie. Maybe if she put the outfit on, she could go out and see if Knox was with another woman. Sort of incognito.

With that in mind, she strapped herself into the outfit, which was held together by strips of Velcro. At any second the contraption threatened to fall down. Obviously the costume was made for a much chestier woman.

“It’s about time,” the balding man said, pulling her with him through the curtain, and down the hall to another larger one. “We have a room full of drunken firefighters waiting for the grand finale. I want you to go out there and show ’em a good time.”