Aztec Security is actually an anthology and is the name of the company my agents work for. It has Inventing the Abbotts, Mauvelous and Caddy-Did inside.

Inventing the Abbotts

Guns, drug runners and a horde of angry alligators can’t keep them apart. Book One in the Aztec Security series.Ava Stanton may be one of Aztec Security’s best agents, but following the rules has never been her strong suit. She dresses too sexy, lives too loud and likes her men disposable. And Thorn Abbott loves her despite—or maybe because—of it.

Thorn isn’t exactly your average field agent—he’s known more for being “Mr. Computer” than James Bond. When Ava goes on a dangerous mission, Thorn leaves the office behind to be her backup, determined to keep her safe no matter what.

The two embark on operation “Fly to the Spider,” a high stakes game of seduction designed to trap a deadly criminal. It doesn’t take long before Ava’s seeing a whole new side of Thorn. Who knew he was hiding a killer set of abs beneath his conservative clothing? Maybe Thorn’s love isn’t so unrequited after all.

Soon they’re dancing a dangeous two-step through the bayous of Louisiana, and between their igniting passion and the terrorists on their tail, it’s difficult to tell who’s the spider and who’s the fly…


Can trust, once lost, ever truly be regained? Book 2 in the Aztec Securityseries. Yancy Adams returns to work at Aztec Security with three things on his to-do list: 1. Prove he’s no traitor; 2. Bring down Evan Grayson’s criminal empire; 3. Get fellow agent Mauve O’Connor out of his head. Or back into his bed. They may have spent only one perfect night together, but Yancy can’t keep the fiery redhead off his mind. But his new assignment for Aztec should take care of that. Seducing an international criminal’s girlfriend should be the perfect way to purge Mauve from his system. Too bad the closer he gets to his mark, the more he wants the one woman he can’t have.

Mauve O’Connor’s got a problem. Not only is she partnered with Yancy—a man she doesn’t trust—she has another assignment for Aztec. To watch him and prove his innocence…or guilt. Except she hadn’t planned on how damned good he’d look, or how memories of their one night together would creep into her mind and hold her hostage. Or how jealous seeing him with another woman would make her feel.

As they close in on their elusive target, sparks—and bullets—fly. But the most elusive and dangerous thing of all is the truth.


Can two agents who clash work together to stay alive? An Aztec Securitybook. Kent Jameson is content with his free-and-easy life-until Aztec’s newest recruit lands in his lap and his superiors drop them in the middle of the Everglades with instructions to work out their differences. Cadence Fleming is excited about becoming an Aztec agent, but she didn’t get what she considers the best of the best as a trainer. Instead, she’s stuck with a man who reeks of booze and sex. While she never thought herself a sharp-tongued prude, Kent seems to bring out the worst in her. Not the best partner to have on a survival training mission.

Then, on day two of their isolation, they come across a body, and their training mission becomes a very real trial by fire. Somewhere in the marshes there’s a killer-and he’s hell bent on making Kent and Cadence his next victims.