I’ve been reading for enjoyment since I was old enough to pick up a book. I was always in the library at school, looking for the next Boxcar Children adventure, then devouring the Mysteries of Nancy Drew. My tastes grew as I did. In the fifth grade I was reading F. Scott Fitzgerald. I fell in love with Jay in the Great Gatsby. When I was 14 I stole one of my sister’s historical romances and I was hooked. It was my escape from boredom being stuck on a farm, when snow was raging outside. I couldn’t tell you how many romances I’ve read over the years but it could fill me house. In my late 30’s I began to write my own and the rest is history. I love romantic suspense because it’s fast-paced action filled with sizzling chemistry, so far removed from my raising children, stay at home life. What does reading a good book do for you? Send you to another planet? A parallel universe? Back in time? To exotic locals? For me, it does all of those things and more.


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