Starting Over!

So, it’s been a long time since I blogged about anything, or spent much time writing, but I’m back. I finished a new book, Blind Faith, received an agent rejection, and going to keep going. Its just one person’s opinion, right.

Blake Allen believes in a higher power and loves her life as the owner of a successful coffee shop. That is until the new reporter comes to town and stirs up trouble and her dormant libido. Her life has gone from quiet serenity to hell on earth when her only employee disappears and Blake’s poisoned. Where’s the teenage girl and who wanted Blake dead?

Award-winning journalist turned small-town reporter, Henry Kiel is a recovering addict and excited to be working on something worth a byline— a bizarre killing in the county. This story could save him from a life of writing articles about the Dairy Freeze in Dullsville, USA and revamp his faltering career path. When the mystery surrounding his latest story reveals a plot to harm the attractive coffee shop owner who he can’t get out of his head, his focus turns to protecting Blake instead of his career.

As the two fall for each other in their effort to uncover the truth, all clues point to the unthinkable – a Satanic cult. Can Henry save Blake before its leader makes her an unwilling human sacrifice in a demented, ritual ceremony?